Arewa Diaries

Arewa Diaries is a mini-documentary series that will feature seasoned professionals of Northern descent from different sectors in the Nigerian and international economy. These individuals will share their thoughts on how they believe we can collectively contribute to building a progressive society.

Women of our Time – EP3

Arewa Diaries EP1: Maryam Laushi

Entrepreneur Maryam Laushi speaks on growing up in the North of Nigeria and her desire to see young Nigerians actively involved in government.

Women of our Time – EP1

Arewa Diaries EP6: Halima Usman

Halima Usman is featured on this episode of Arewa Diaries and she talks about her passion for poetry and young people.

Women of our Time – EP2

Up Close & Personal

There are certain people that are blessed with vision. You have a conversation with them, and you feel like you have just been given...

Arewa Diaries EP5: Yusuf Abubakar

On Arewa Diaries today, Yusuf Abubakar talks about his passion for fashion and his thoughts on career selection.

Arewa Diaries EP18 – Abubakar Abdullahi

Watch Entrepreneur Abubakar Abdullahi speak about starting businesses in Nigeria and the challenges inherent. Also, his thoughts on the quota system and its effect...

Arewa Diaries EP4: Fatima Bukar

Neurophysiologist and Pharmacist Fatima Bukar is on Arewa Diaries today and she speaks about the prevalence of substance abuse and the need for concerted...