Rahama Auwalu Aliyu is a 200 level student of mass communication at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Raised in  a large and close knit family, she is the last of ten kids. Rahama’s childhood was filled with love, fun and beautiful memories.

Rahama believes that for the North to move forward, we have to learn how to cooperate as a community and learn how to keep our differences aside; the Northern leaders also need to learn the value of working together in order to move towards sustainable development.

When asked about why she chose to go for Mass Communication among a million other courses she said “I believe the media holds a lot of power in changing the way people view the world and I want to take part in that. “

She believes that though her state Kano had come really far over the years, there is still a need for improvement in health,  educational and security sectors as those three sectors are extremely important to development.

Rahama is saddened by the aljamiri situation that is rampant in the North as the children usually end up exposed to vices in life at such tender ages and she hopes that one-day, the North will move away from abandoning kids on the street to fend for themselves. Every child deserves the right to be protected from the harsh realities of life.

“My advice to the Northern youths is that they should inculcate the virtue of unity and try their best to live in harmony with others.” She hopes that the beautiful rich cultures and diversity that makes her a proud Northerner would be upheld by the youths, who are the future of the world.

Rahama hopes that one-day through her actions, the world will learn to see the world differently and keep the stereotypes attached to the North in the past.  She hopes that her passion to change the narrative of the North will prove effective.

Rahama dreams of a Northern Nigeria where there would be education for each Northern child and bad roads and terrible governance will be a thing of the past.  She wishes that more skill acquisition and empowerment programs will be available for Northerners from all religious, social and cultural background, irrespective of their gender.

Our #IAmKano guest has a sweet tooth and confessed that she actually loves food generally.

When asked what three words best describes her, she chose “Caring, chatty and loving.“

Rahama alternates between Zaria and Kano but is permanently based in Kano State .