When the story of how she married a bisexual became known, those who judged Aisha could not understand how a woman so beautiful allowed herself to become an instrument in the queer experiment of a diseased mind so someone offered an explanation, “Love drains away all sense in women. Once they fall in love, they imagine they can fix things, people. A woman in love will attempt to flatten out the world if her lover says he won’t live with her on an oval earth.”

So Asha made the most alluring bride. The guests at the wedding dinner and the photographers were blown away when the bride made her grand entrance into the decorated hall that looked like a scene from a Disney movie. You should see her dress that was enhanced with silver embroidery and spangled with precious stones to reflect luminosity of divine splendor and light. It was impossible to not eye her slim hands that were decorated with gold, and her light skin that was adorned extravagantly with dark flowery henna. It was only January, true, yet Instagram users agreed that the bride of the year had already been crowned.

Whenever they find space and audience, Kanawa enjoy saying, “For any marriage to succeed, one party must play the fool.” They do not spell it out, and why should they when the party they refer to was already known?
So it was at Bristol Hotel upon the night of Aisha’s wedding reception. The importance of patience, especially on the part of the wife, could not be overemphasized.
“Obey him. Never question him. Your paradise lies beneath the soles of his feet so If he says stop; I have stopped it, and if he says do this; I have done it because the most important virtue in a woman is docility.”

Shamsu, well-intentioned, wants his marriage to succeed. He was all too glad to stand aside and allow his darling wife to be schooled on whose role it is to play the fool.
When the hour came for her to be taken to her new home, Aisha wept so furiously so that any observer could see that the bride nursed an unknown apprehension.
Shamsu provided her all the comfort money could buy, save peace. Except peace because their lovemaking, if that is what we should call it, was rough and unnatural, and left Aisha in pain several days later. Except when he was out of town, she never got enough time to heal before he came upon her again.

She was so well-cared for, anyone could see, but no one saw the sad darkness eating away Aisha’s heart and the physical pain radiating in her person. That was why she sought out a therapist sensible enough to tell Aisha the truth. What is it?
“Love doesn’t mean you should stay.”
Six months into the marriage, the day came when Shamsu came to his wife with a most unusual request.
“I will not let you and your man have me at once!” She thundered.
He gave her a severe beating. When a battered Aisha came seeking fatherly protection from humiliating anal sex and the promise of a painful threesome, the old man couldn’t stand the sight of her.
“Go back to your perverted husband. And stay gone.” He said quietly after he heard her story.

But Aisha did not go back. She left her father’s house and went into the world with sure steps in search of dignity.

The End.