Bauchi Friends is a registered travel and tours agency which focuses on responsible travel and sustainable tourism in Nigeria, it was established in March 2016. They promote Nigeria’s culture and tourism to Nigerians and the world. They organize individual, private, group and corporate trips, tours, adventures, and vacations.

They believe Nigerians don’t have to travel out of the country for leisure and tourism (that’s a leakage to Nigeria’s economy), rather tour Nigeria, spend the money here in Nigeria and it will boost our economy. They also encourage adventures because it’s good for the mental and physical health.

The recent trip was organised as a short adventurous trip to Dumi village in Bauchi state; a 30 minutes drive from the Bauchi city centre. The place is so beautiful with hills and a lake. The purpose of the trip was for leisure and meditation. Therefore, they hiked the hills, and took many beautiful photos and appreciated the beauty of nature. It was in the evening, so definitely, you know the sunset will be magnificent from the top of the hill. It was really amazing, It was great evening and the adrenaline was boosted. After coming down the hills, they took a tour round the village; the beautiful mud and round hut houses are food for the eyes. To show the local people love and affection, they distributed washing detergents to their kids and snapped pictures with them; and they believe, “that’s the little we can do as a preacher for responsible travel and sustainable tourism”

The trip ended with a “win-win-win” situation because the locals visited, the clients that joined our trip and we, the organizers were all excited, fulfilled, satisfied and happy.

Enjoy the beautiful photos sent in by the team below: