Aliyu Bashir Danmusa was born in Dutsinma Local Government of Katsina State. He had his primary education at Honey field International School Kaduna, before proceeding to Uncle Bado Memorial College also in Kaduna State.
He recently graduated from Alhikmah University Ilorin, Kwara state where he studied Banking and Finance.


What made you choose Banking and Finance?
Actually, it wasn’t my first choice. I had the intention to study Political Science but due to some issues I couldn’t.
I ended up studying Finance because I later on became a commercial student and I believe I was destined to do so.
I am okay with it, and I think it’s even more productive.

What are your interests / hobbies?
I love engaging in Islamic research especially in the Qur’an and reading political books ,such as biographies of politicians.
I also love watching seasonal films and hanging around with my family.

How do you think the North can move towards sustainable development?

First of all, we can’t achieve anything without reuniting as a people. We should learn to love each other, avoid selfishness and do away with everything that breaks us apart.
Let me break it down to you. We have everything in the north, Everything! But the main problem in the North is illiteracy. Many people in this area can’t afford to send their children to school, why? Because they have neither the ability or capacity.
And in the same North you will find the child of a rich man studying abroad with extraordinary school fees and other expenses as well.
For instance, we have business billionaires and rich politicians in the north right? So if these people would invest in the North by setting up industries, factories and other business organizations, rather than saving abroad or keeping idle money in their accounts, it will go a long way in boosting our economy.
The poor northerners would have job opportunities, and they will appreciate it because they have found a way to be able to take care of their family responsibilities. The rate of unemployment will drastically reduce for those willing to work.
That’s why we need to unite irrespective of the boundaries because great things happen when people look out for each other.

Are there areas in your state you wish are better?
My state is doing well so far actually, but there is always room for improvement.
I think we need non governmental organizations that would be helpful to the government, be able to share some it’s responsibilities in order to help the citizens of the state.
And we also need some foreign investments such as shopping complex and malls to help liven up the state.

What are you doing to change the narrative of the North?
You see, before you point fingers make sure they are clean .
To do something great is not going to be easy. Anything that has to do with people especially Northerners is usually difficult to achieve.
For now, I just do my best and try to affect those around me positively! But I guess if I one day find myself in an influential position, I will have the best opportunity to do more.

What makes you a proud Northerner ?
I was born here and brought up here I guess I have learnt to love this place because it is my home and I believe it’s what Allah destined to be!

What is your advice to the country right now?
Well my advice to the citizens of this country in all classes is that we Nigerians need to unite, change our negative behaviours, be good citizens and most of all we should love one another.

What three words best describes you?
Friendly, determined and confident .