Fatima Zara Ibrahim is an indigene of Gombe state but has lived most of her life in Abuja and Kaduna. She is a twenty year old ,final year law student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
She started her early education at Community Staff School ,Abuja where she did both her Primary and early Secondary school before her family moved to Kaduna where she continued at Essence International School and later completed at Zaria Academy.

What made you choose law as a career path?

Truth be told, I never imagined myself studying law. As a child I nurtured the idea of studying medicine.
I’m studying law because of my mother. Not that she asked me or wanted me to become a lawyer, but because she is the one person I look up to most in my life. She had wanted to study law but because she had gotten married immediately after secondary school she couldn’t and when she did get back to the university some time later, she opted for public administration.
She still doesn’t know that she was the person that inspired me to study law. I will tell her that on the day I get called to the bar insha’Allah.
Learning to love and appreciate Law was a gradual process for me. It has been inspiring, educative, fun, excruciating and most of all challenging.

What are your hobbies/ interests?
Cooking/baking, Reading, Travelling, sleeping (laughs) and most importantly blogging.

Why did you start blogging and what are you focused on?

Well, I blog mostly about life and life issues…..it started a while back. Before that I mostly wrote poems.
You see, I have this passion for humanity and the urge to make life better for people even if it is just one person. That was how I started blogging. I would ask people about their opinion on certain topics then I would combine these different opinions including mine to form an article.

How do you think the North can move towards development?
I think the north has passed the stage of vulnerability. It is finally and gradually overcoming the obstacles that once used to hold it back. Education, public awareness and enlightenment are key instruments that could be used in the development of northern Nigeria. Promoting dignity ,confidence and self trust, reviving reading culture and promoting literary development, revival of traditional craftsmanship and encouraging processing of agricultural products are very vital to development as well.
And let’s not forget Girl child empowerment and learning to break religious and cultural barriers ,which are among the major issues that are holding us back.

Are there areas in your state you wish are better?
I am not based there and in all honesty,I rarely do go there but I do know the road needs improvement.
So also does the power , educational and health sectors.

What are you doing to change the narrative the North?
I used to be involved with one charitable organization where we helped orphans and the less privileged gain education by supporting them with funds and other things necessary for their education.
And then I have been into personal charity helping the less privileged whenever I can.
But most importantly ,I think I impart more through my blog; which I use as a medium to discuss issues affecting contemporary northern Nigerian that we usually tend to avoid talking about ,such as domestic violence against women etc.

What makes you a proud Northerner?

I have never really thought of this but then…I think I am proud of where I come from because of it’s beauty, diversity, and the fact that the north has survived all the challenges it faced and would still live to survive the test of time.
Personally even if I were given the choice to choose, I would never have chosen another place to belong.

What is your advice to the country right now?
We have it in our power to begin the world over again-Thomas Paine.

What three words best describes you?
Friendly , philanthropic and creative.

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  1. Nice…..Gombe have good roads sha, maybe because u rarely come that’s why. Ur piece is beautiful!