Plateau state is not just known for its beauty, it is also a home of many spoken words artist and other talented youths in the North. And Rudolph Adidi is no exception.
Rudolph Adidi also known as ‘Ruddapoet’ is an indigene of Shendam local government in Plateau state. A graduate of Architecture from the prestigious University of Jos, Plateau State. He also completed his primary school education in Educare Private School and his secondary school at St Joseph’s College in Vom.

What inspired you to go into the Architectural field?
All my life, I have always wanted to make something out of nothing. The idea of creation was a budding to me and it needed to grow. I then chose architecture where I can express my thoughts as a mini-god to create a world of my own.

What are your other interests ?
Poetry, reading, drawing and by the way I play the guitar too (should have been a secret). But I must say, amongst all poetry tops it all.

How do you think the North can move towards sustainable development in 2030?
Well, I see a lot of prospects the North in the natural resources or agricultural benefits, we do have a lot to explore. We could introduce the enlightenment of greenhouse practice among the northerners and use this to enable the agricultural aspect to help maintain and give solutions to hunger. This will also open doors for employment opportunities as well.
For instance, Looking at plateau state which is known for its tin and columbite, the smelting companies could be resurrected which would give rise to funds that could foster infrastructure and power.
Some northern states have been exposed to much solar power; this could be used to engine industrial development as well as agricultural growth.
And we need to educate the children. You empower one child with a book and he can change the world. All these can be achieved before the 2030, if sustainable development is strongly supported.

Are there areas in your state you wish were better?
Yes, the tourism aspect of it, wild life park can be the greatest park in Nigeria if more considerations are put into place.
The old museum is also deteriorating everyday, despite the fact that the state is the supposed center of tourism; attention is not focused on the tourism aspect.

What three words best describes you?
I have to say focused, God fearing and fascinating.

What are you doing to change the narrative of the North?
As my other hobbies include poetry, I tend to organize events to improve the younger ones on how to build a better home. I also write short stories portraying a future for my home. And I also indulge in representing the north in all sorts of competition to give its diversity an attention.
In order words, writing is the tool I use to make the north a better place for my generation as well as the younger generation.

What makes you a proud northerner?
That’s a tough question because everything makes me proud of my home: from the people to the weather, to the culture, to the history, to the lifestyle and almost everything entirely.