Kaduna is hot right now, not hot as in terms of the weather but hot as in the colloquial expression that means rave of the moment, and it has been so for a while especially with some of its tourist locations tipping the scales in its favor i.e Kajuru Castle, and it doesn’t hurt that the rail system which is currently my new way to travel from Abuja has Kaduna as one of its major stops, talk about convenience!   here are four places you must visit in Kaduna when you visit in case you have been sleeping on a bicycle.


  1. Kajuru Castle
Kajuru Castle

Kajuru Castle is better visited than described. If you are fan of the medieval times, this is the place for you and it comes with the opportunity for you to play king or queen of the castle. The castle was built 1989 in early medieval style complete with turrets, armory and dungeon. It took five years for it to be completed.

This exclusive villa includes a guest tower of 4 rooms (dungeons), a central building with an authentic knights’ hall and a master suite (landlord’s residence) as well as a dragon tower.


You can visit this magnificent place as a group or even consider it as a location for your wedding. The castle operates on an exclusive basis, and only the complete facility can be rented out. The capacity of the castle is up to 150 guests but only 12 can lodge in full comfort.


  1. Emir of Zazzau Palace
Gate to the palace of the emir of Zazzau in Zaria, Nigeria.

If you have a love for African architecture, then this is a must see for you, it is the definition of African architecture at its finest with such an explosion of colors, shapes, drawings and images. The palace situated within the walls of the ancient city of Zaria. It is made of mud, which was the principal building agent in the 19th century when it was built.

Enjoy a tour around the main courtyard and the anteroom as well as the corridor leading to the Emir’s main living area. You can also get to learn about the history of the Zazzau Emirate and the exploits of its most famous ruler, Queen Amina.


  1. Kaduna Museum 
Kaduna Museum

If you want to take a quick trip down memory lane and back or you want to have a better appreciation for history and culture, then please visit the Kaduna Museum.

The museum located along Ali Akilu Road in Ungawan Sarki, Kaduna was opened in 1975 following the donation of the old Northern People’s Congress (NPC) building by the North Central State Government. The museum is filled with collections of both archaeological and ethnographic materials. Terracotta statues and Benin bronzes can also be found in the museum. There is also a traditional craft village located within the Museum premises, where you can observe traditional craftsmen and women making crafts.


  1. The Nok Village
Nok Village

The Nok Culture appeared in northern Nigeria around 1000 BCE and vanished under unknown circumstances around 500 CE, thus having lasted for approximately 1,500 years. The Nok civilization was discovered in 1928 in what is now Kaduna state due to tin mining that was happening in the area and earned its name due to the Nok civilization that used to inhabit the area from around 500 BC.

Archaeologists have found human skeletons, stone tools and rock paintings around this area, the inhabitants of what is now called Nok Village were known to make some of the oldest and culturally intriguing sculptures found in Africa. When strolling through the village your senses will be delighted to rediscover this amazing group of people culturally and socially.





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