Salamander Café is one of my favorite places to unwind in Abuja. I love it because the place is so welcoming and cosy, I might as well just be at home chilling. I also love it because they have a lot of books, especially African titles as well as art in every single part of the café. Yes even in the bathroom they have books and paintings, which is like mini heaven to an ITK like me.

Located on Bujumbura Street, off Aminu Kano Crescent, Salamander Café is hiding in plain sight as it were. With all the shade trees around the building, you might drive past thinking it is a residential property. Salamander has a diverse menu that caters to continental and local palates.  Salamander Café is a happy place, as everyone else seems happy to be there. The waiters are friendly and welcome you like an old friend. If you are lucky to run into the owner, make sure you hold your card because you will be buying drinks up and down the whole place while debating literature. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

With cosy sitting, it is unpretentious and inviting at the same time. The menu is simple, straight forward. I can pronounce and identify everything on the menu, as charge and bail as I am. Salamander Café is not for everyone, it is not for all ye noise makers, NO. Salamander Café is for the thoughtful warm coffee loving geeks of Abuja.  The relaxed vibe of the restaurant allows you to think and write and whatever else you want to do. I highly recommend visiting on a weekend.

The best place to have a creative or intellectual discussion in Abuja is at Salamander Café , over their excellent world class Jerk Chicken or Chef’s Salad.  The food tastes great but you have to be patient because it takes a while, mostly after you have forgotten what you ordered for. My advice is that you use that waiting time wisely by reading a book or admiring the many paintings. If you do not wish to read a book, make sure you do not go to Salamander Café alone. The books are not there just for decoration you know.

I promise you the food is worth the wait. You Nigerians need to be taught patience!

The food though excellent seems a bit overpriced to be honest. Maybe it is the sad state of our Naira against the dollar but these people want to go overboard with the prices of things. Small Salad can set you back a whole 4,500 Naira o. If you are not sure of yourself, wait till payday before you visit Salamander. The erratic  internet there is only available to patrons who order for food above 5,000 Naira, which I think is not fair. If they give us free internet it will cure the classist discrimination.

Whether you are Charge and Bail like me, or you are Rich Gang, I guarantee you will be staying longer than you plan to at Salamander Café.

Salamander come and collect your 3 stars because you have given geeks like us a place to go and chill while having the best mocktails and waiters in Abuja.

God Bless!

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