Alhassan Mu’azu Danasebe is from Kogi State. He was born on the 20th of August to a family of Six. He attended Christfield nursery and primary lokoja, Kogi State and had his secondary education at Harmony secondary school lokoja, Kogi State. He also did an A’ level program and is currently a 400l law student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.His likes are honestly and sincerity.. while dislikes includes dishonesty, lying and backbiting.

What made you choose your career path?
My role model (Dad) made me choose it and I had always admired the course. Society’s view also contributed, because they tend to believe all lawyers lie. I guess I wanted to prove to them that not all lawyers are liars … like the saying that goes ” All lawyers are liars but not all liars are lawyers”. so I want to make the society believe that they are lawyers out there that fight for justice for the masses . But most of all,I guess the respect and honor they get triggered me. (Laughs)

What are your other interests/hobbies?
My interest includes putting smiles on the face of people that i can reach especially the less privilege, motivating inspiring them, designing, reading when I am in the mood and sometimes watching movies .

How do you think the North can move towards sustainable development?
Uhm. I think by job employment and also motivating the youth because the youth are the key to the development.
Creating job for individuals should be a priority in order for them not to engage in illegal activities in society and also providing employment will motivate others to see the importance of education.
In doing so, the children roaming about the street can also be engaged in several activities since their parent are incapable of providing for them or organizing a program to educate them if they show the zeal to learn .
And when I say the youth are the key to development in the northern society,I am trying to say they are the ones that are somehow managing and controlling the in and out in the society either directly or indirectly. So when the youth are oriented and are engage in one or two things,the society will definitely develop by HIS grace.
But always have this in mind ,Life is all about negotiation and reciprocation.

Are there areas in your state you wish are better?
Everywhere needs development or some kind of improvement by providing what a state needs to be considered a standard state.
Infrastructure such as good equipment, good road,good healthcare and educational systems, good drainage and gutters. Social amenities such as light, Water, etc are very much needed as well among other things.

What makes you a proud Northerner?
The food and the simplicity of our lifestyle and also the believe of this saying ” what’s yours will never pass you by”.

What is your advice to other Northern Youths like you out there?
Okay.. My advice to them is for them to be prayerful and to be themselves in any situation. They should learn to be hard working and smart.
They should not always follow the saying that goes ” the patient dog eat the fastest bone and being smart is also important in hustling for a better life.
And lastly they should have this words that I call my motto and philosophy of life, that goes ” THE GREATEST OF ONE’S WEALTH IS THE RICHNESS OF THE SOUL”.

What three words best describes you?
Honest ,Sincere and Peaceful.