Farin Ruwa which means white water in Hausa language is the name of a waterfall located in Wamba Local Government Area of Nassarawa State. The waterfall discovered in the 1950s by the British Colonial Government is one of the oldest waterfalls in Nigeria.  The waterfall which falls from a height of a 150meters is arguably the most popular tourist site in Nassarawa state.

The name Farin Ruwa is a description of the nature of the falls by the local inhabitants of the area. The height covered during the descent of the falls is very great, so much so that the descending water crashes during its way down and the falls gradually turns white in colour. As a result, the falls appears in the distance like white smoke on the mountains.

The falls is located in an area of heavy rainfall due to the mountainous nature of the area. The escarpment forces moisture-bearing winds to rise and deposit their moisture content on the mountains. This has given the Farin Ruwa falls an almost constant volume of water supply during the rainy season beginning from March–November. The decrease in the volume of water of the falls is noticed during the dry season of Nigeria which occurs from December–March. But the decrease is for a short while as the falls regains its normal water volume when the rainy season begins.

Its tourism potentials have been noted internationally as the World Tourism Organization has listed it as a world tourist site. Much of the surrounding environment is light forest, making the area ideal for eco-tourism.

The surrounding forest also makes the area a prime location for bird watching and over 2,500 birds from 148 species had been found within the area. Of the 148 bird species, 15 are of conservation importance and three are typical of the forest habitat. The 15 species of conservation importance suggest that the forest reserve within the area is an important bird enclave.

The best time to visit and see Farin Ruwa at its highpoint is in the month of April through the summer months of July, August and September.

Farin Ruwa is really a sight to behold, but until the issue of accommodation and accessibility is taken care of, the waterfall will not receive the kind of attention it deserves.

To develop the waterfall to international tourism standards, the Nassarawa state needs to invest millions of naira building access roads, resorts, and other recreational facilities that will attract tourists and visitors.