It cannot be denied that insecurity has eaten into the depths of our society. The worst part is seeing and hearing how many people and how many families it has affected. I have spent many days in tears just going through the stories of this people, but today I’ll share one that happened to one of my relatives. I remember the first time I saw this young girl. Her name was Usa. I met her when she was 6 years old. She was so cute and so happy, unaware of the dramatic and tragic turn that her family has gone through. In late 2013, her and her family lived in Maiduguri and at the height of Boko Haram, they were hopeful that their family would be spared. However, fate had another plan for them.
I spoke to her mum who is a close relative to me. We sat down for hours while she narrated all that had happened to her and her family. I remember her telling me that her husband came home one night and he looked very shaken. She was very worried but tried not to let her children see her fears. When she asked what had happened, he told her that he was approached by an old friend who was a member of Boko Haram. He said that his friend asked him to join the sect. She was so scared and asked what he told his friend. Her husband said he told his friend that he would think about it. He admitted to responding this way only for the safety of his family. The next morning, he had began to make plans to leave the state with his family. He told his younger brother what he was up to and asked if he wanted to move with him; unknowingly to him, he was talking to the enemy; as his own brother was part of the sect.
After two nights, a day before Usa and her family were meant to move from their home, a knock came on the door. The oldest son answered and he saw 7 men. They barged into the house, bundled the whole family except the father and took them out of the house. They tied all of them to a tree facing the house. They set the house ablaze with the father insider while his whole family watched him burn to death.
As at this point, Usa’s mother was in tears. I could see her reliving the most painful thing that has ever happened to her. I sat there wondering how much pain she was in. I sat there wondering why a man would take the life of another man.
The truth, that most people don’t like to accept, is that northerners have suffered a great deal. We have had leaders who have deceived us instead of  helping us. We have had leaders who take advantage of the fact that the illiteracy rate is high and they can easily manipulate the people. They have taken advantage of the fact that we are easy going and understanding. This is why we have to stand as a people and say no to bad governance without any form of prejudice. We need to agree flush out bad leadership. We need to be one, despite our religious differences  and advance ourselves, so that we can get a government that can protect us and keep our family safe.

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I am a Nigerian and I hail from Adamawa State. I enjoy research and travel, that is why most of my work is very personal. I am an academic and currently a PhD candidate. All I've always wanted to do is help protect children from the dangers of this world and I am working on that.