I keep saying this and I hope someone doesn’t read this or perceive it the wrong way but there are many issues in the north. So many that I cannot even count but one thing I can beat my chest on, is that most northern people are honest. Forget the politicians and leaders for now. I mean the average person in the north is honest. I have had many encounters but I will share one today.
On a very beautiful sunny day, I went to Garki market in Abuja and I entered to buy some toiletries. At the door of the shop I saw these really nice bracelets and I picked two. I entered the shop and I picked what I needed and after haggling (which is my normal way) I made payments, picked my stuff and walked away. While I was at the gate of the market, I saw that I was still holding the bracelets and forgot to pay. I instantly ran back to the shop because they were about to close when I got there. I met the man locking up and I gave him N500, he was meant to give me N100 back as change but I also forgot and started walking away. I was just happy I could meet him to give him his money, I didn’t even realise I had left N100 and I probably wouldn’t have till someone suddenly touched me on my shoulder from behind and I saw the man stretching my change to me. I was so amazed.
Now this is not the first time I have experienced this and I know it won’t be the last bust honesty is a good virtue that I admire and northerners have it in abundance. I walked out of that market feeling so good and forgetting all my worries because I knew I had done right by that trader and he had repaid the favour. If only we can learn to treat people with the decency we want them to treat us.

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