With the recent money crunch, most of us are working twice as hard, and deserve a holiday now more than ever before. But then you look at your bank account and immediately advise against it. I have good news for you, if what you are looking for is a place where you can connect with nature, soak in history, and relish in the beauty of ancient architecture, then look no further than Jigawa. Here’s why:

  1. Wawan Rafi situated in Kazaure and is the perfect place to unwind. The lake has a holiday resort which has all you need to make your stay memorable, from fishing to boats, to golf courses to camping, it is a tourist’s dream.

2. Rock paintings: At Birnin kudu, south of Jigawa State, presence of large number of rocks and their fascinating ancient paintings which are of the oldest rock paintings in Nigeria have been a major tourist attraction. The different paintings are eloquent information on the styles of the early settlers in the area.

3. Hadejia wetlands: Picture a quiet, serene view of the sunset as birds hum in the evening, that’s the feeling when you visit these wetlands. It extends to Nguru in neighbouring Yobe State, and it is a popular tourist attraction in the state. The wetlands provide shelter for various rare and migratory birds. This sanctuary harbours exotic and rare species of birds.

4. Quasite rocks: If you love hiking and exploring high planes, then you should definitely check out the quasite rocks. The skyline is beautiful, and heaven feels a heartbeat away from there. It is located in Amaryawa in Roni local government area, and the view from the top is breathtaking.

5. Ringim dyeing pits: There is something very soothing and fascinating about colors, and how they make into beautiful patterns. The dyeing pits of ringim are a mix of mystery and style as they employ ancient techniques to create amazing designs. You should stop there to get some gifts for your loved ones.

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